Setting a DangerZone on BuildingCloud
Setting a DangerZone on BuildingCloud
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Writers: Ahmet Anil Sezer and Martin Rudberg

Making construction sites safe is one of the main priorities for NCC. In their project Sigfridsborgsskolan, new technologies were tested relying on three functions: fall and hit detection, localisation and DangerZones.

With support of technologies including Bluetooth beacons, a web-based collaboration application built around the IFC model and the digital twin concept (BuildingCloud) and IoT-sensors, the goal was to improve safety of construction sites, well-being of construction workers and their work environment. Site management personnel found these functions useful, especially DangerZones, for not solely improving safety of construction sites by avoiding workers to enter a DangerZone, but also using it as a planning tool to improve productivity of the construction site. This test project is a result of a collaboration between NCC, Scharc and Linköping University.

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